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Dear AIP Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering for this great event.   Below is key information for the event.  Note that parking fees will be reimbursed upon request.  Parking options at the bottom.

BOOTH Layout – Booth D7

Here is a draft layout of the 20’ booth – somewhat to scale.  Its goal is to provide separation from the public.  We can communicate with everyone from behind a table.  Comments welcome please 

  • ·        The demonstrations are in the middle of the booth with a table in front separating the public from the volunteers.
  • ·        The carving demo will have a camera feeding the monitor
  • ·        The carving demo helper will be at the front table answering questions.
  • ·        Sachet demo – the workbench worker will make the shavings and the helper will encourage the public to make their own sachets with precut netting and ribbons or rubber bands.
  • ·        The left side tables are for displays with the side curtain open
  • ·        The right side curtain is our option to open or close
  • ·        The back tables are for our use for supplies/storage/workspace

Our Booth is D7 on the corner of Flanders and NW Park Ave – see map below


  • We ask that anyone feeling sick or exhibiting any COVID-19 symptom to please stay home.
  • We require that all attendees, volunteers & artists wear masks and social distance during the festival.
  • All gates will have signage instructing everyone to mask up.
  • Free masks will be provided for those in need.
  • Hand washing stations have been increased from 5 stations to 12.
  • We ask that you provide hand sanitizer at your booth.

COVID measures for our artists:

  • During set up & teardown, put your mask on if you are near other people.
  • Considerations were made in our site design to allow for ample social distancing between booths.
  • Our Artist Hospitality volunteers are vaccinated and will be wearing masks.
  • Artists can pick up booth signage instructing attendees to mask up at the Information Booth.
  • Each artist will receive free masks that can be dispensed at their booth.
  • Use your discretion when policing these safety measures in your booth. Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • To increase your COVID safety, consider some helpful tips below.

Security measures:

  • Perimeter fencing will be set up at 3pm on Friday. If your booth is located along the fence, please move any items out of the way before this time. The fence will be closed each night.
  • During the show, the gates will be open so it is imperative that you keep your important possessions to a minimum, out of sight and protected.
  • We will have 24-hour security staff on site, personnel have been increased at night.


FESTIVAL HOURS: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm, Monday 10am - 4pm.

There are additional sanitation/washing stations on both festival park blocks. And we will have signs at all entrances encouraging visitors to wear masks.

EMERGENCIES: An EMT will be available in the FIRST AID TENT located behind the

INFO BOOTH at the center of the event on Everett between Park and 8th.

Art in the Pearl TXT Alert System

Text "AITP2021" to 84483 to sign up for updates during the show.

HOSPITALITY TENT: Located in the park’s middle area between Everett and Flanders. Coffee, tea and water are available at the hospitality tent all weekend. You will need to wear your provided name tag to get access to hospitality.

WEAR THE FLAIR: Organizers please remember to pick up your group’s t-shirts from the Info Tent on Saturday morning. If volunteers are not wearing our shirt, please make sure they are wearing an AITP name tag.

DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES UNATTENDED: Please be aware that this is an active urban environment and keep a close eye on your stuff. Roving security will be provided after hours as well as the perimeter fence.

PLEASE CLOSE YOUR BOOTHS AT CLOSE EACH NIGHT. It’s helpful to have a stepstool and/or a buddy to close the heavy tent wall(s). Zip ties are great for securing the tent closed at the bottom grommets (just remember to bring scissors to cut the zips ties the next morning). I’ll have these things at my booth N085 if you need.

THE FESTIVAL WILL GO ON REGARDLESS OF WEATHER: Be prepared for any kind of weather, including rain or strong gusty winds.

WATER: A direct hose line will be available at Rain on the NW corner of Davis and Park.

DOGS ARE PROHIBITED: Due to risk and liability concerns, dogs are not allowed in booths during the festival, unless they are service dogs for blind or hearing-impaired persons.

PARKING SUGGESTIONS: Partial list – See Pearl District Walking Map and parkopedia.com for additional locations

  • ·        Parking Kitty App for street parking is great meow
  • ·        City Center Parking Garage @ 34 NW 9th Ave
  • ·        Station Place Parking Garage @ 1025 NW Station Way
  • ·        Brewery Blocks Underground Parking @ 122 NW 12th Ave
  • ·        NW Davis Street Garage @ 1111NW Davis
  • ·        NW Park + Glisan Parking Lot @ 804 NW Glisan
  • ·        Naito + Davis Parking Garage @ 33 NW Davis
  • ·        Whole Foods Parking Garage @ 13th between Davis / Couch

JENI’S CONTACT INFO 503-318-1371

I’ll be at booth N085, located nearby on the west path right behind the D5 and D6 Demo booths.

SCOTT’S CONTACT INFO for any site/load in/out assistance 503-481-1355

Address: Oregon Carvers Guild, 3110 NW Linmere Dr, Portland, Oregon 97229
Email: oregoncarvers@gmail.com

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