There are many carvers, present and past, noteworthy for a variety of reasons  We want to tell their stories to honor their work, be inspired and support future carvers.  The list below is a work in process, and we hope to accumulate words, photos and videos over time.

Monica Setziol-Phillips

Will Hayden

Masa Nitani

Address: Oregon Carvers Guild, 3110 NW Linmere Dr, Portland, Oregon 97229

Other notable Carvers - not in any order


RUSSELL CHILDERS - see Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, Salem, OR

KELLEY STADELMAN - semi-retired, long time instructor, author, professional carver, North Plains, noted for Santas

JUDY CALDWELL - animal carver, painter, featured artist at shows, Molalla

DENNIS MIHMS - Salem, recently deceased, Master Carver of thing big and small, MFA from Willamette University

DAVE DISSELBRET - Salem but taught many in the Portland area and at Elsie Stuhr, noted for caricatures

ADAM MC ISAAC - La Center, specializes in Indian art of the Columbia River Basin, green wood

TERRY KRAMER - clay sculptor and carver, author, Salem

CHUCK RINEHART - contemporary woodworker and carver, our primary carving instructor

DON BAIAR - recently deceased, noted bird carver and leader of the Columbia Flyway Wildlife show

EILEEN PETERS - co-founder of WWA, noted professional carver with a national reputation, died circa late 1970s.

LEO LAMBO - professional woodworker and carver, WWII refugee immigrated to Portland 1950, died 1990s.

CAROUSEL CARVERS - there are many, needs more research

JIM HALL - contemporary wood turner and carver, Rose Engine expert

ART MCKELLIPS - professional carver - mostly people - deceased. Author of several carving books.

RAY DODGE - Noted fish carver, leader of the National Fish Carvers Guild, now in Central Oregon

MARTIN ADAMS - PHD in bugs - noted carver of chains and scissors. making chains with baseball bats.

PUDDY ADKISSON - long time member of WWA - caricature carver of people and Santas - has her own carving studio and does instruction.

NORMAN BROWN - Carver of spoons.  He sells at craft shows and art festivals.

BRUCE DIXON - Caricature carver - won award for Santa carving in Woodcarvers Illustrated

MILDRED HALL - deceased - noted relief carver - retired from Tektronix

SAMUEL HICKS - deceased - lived in Sherwood - WWA carving instructor

SHARON (SHERRI) KLEIN - caricature carver and Santas from Cypress Knee wood.  Has been doing animals. Has her own studio and has noted National carvers instruct there.

GLENN MCALARY JR - deceased - carver of animals and caricatures - had a very unique style of carving.  He was disabled from a car accident but very friendly person.

CHARLOTTE PHILLIPS - Noted relief carver - made wooden basket carvings. Lives in Texas and on Facebook.

JAMES RAHM - deceased - Noted carver of chains. Former Marine - several articles on him.  Claimed to have a title of World Best Chain Carver.  I have several of his patterns.

SAM AND SUE RILEY - Carvers of song birds.  He carved them and she painted them.  He is deceased.  He had a voice like Slim Pickens. Cracked me up to talk to him.  Sue sends me Christmas cards.  Very well liked at carving shows.  Good friends of Will and Kay Hayden.

ROGER SOGGE - deceased - very skilled in carving and working with metal - did many demonstrations of making a carved mold and turning it into a metal item.

JUAN TOSONI - Professional artist in painting and wood sculpture.  Still alive last I heard.  I think he was from Argentina.  His wife interpreted for him.

MARCIA WESSITSH - Carver of coastal Indian Masks and items.  Retired school teacher and story teller.  Don't know where she is now.

RON WILLIAMSON - Carver of song birds, Eagle Heads, Native Indian flutes and marquetry.  Died in 2019

ROB ARTMAN - Portland, former carver of Indian masks, now a professional carving on chests and boxes

HALLIE HEACOCK - deceased, Scappoose area, prolific carver, collection at Oregon Historic Society

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