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Interest List for Walking Sticks & Wood Spirits

  • 1 Jul 2024
  • 10:00 AM
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This is an interest list only, not yet a class 

Terry Burnside has created many wood spirits over the 25 years he has been carving.


This class will eventually be delivered in three sessions. 

Most of two sessions will focus on carving a wood spirit.  The first session will start with a talk on harvesting and preparing a walking stick and the last part of the final session will explore finishing topics. The same techniques of face carving can be applied to a variety of objects.  

This class is designed for those not familiar with carving a wood spirit or face carving in general. Terry developed his techniques over 25 years, incorporating the ideas of several well known carving professionals.  The course is hands on, and the material will be greenwood walking sticks or dowels (see note below). Students need a carving glove, strop and three carving tools - a carving knife, V tool and a deepish gouge gouges (like #11, #9 or #8) in 1/4 or 3/16 widths), palm or long handled. If you need tools, glove or strop we might be able to find loaners, contact us.  The class outline is:

  1. Introduction to carving and history of wood spirit carving
  2. Finding, harvesting and preparing a walking stick
  3. Proportions and position of facial features
  4. Sharpening demonstration and safety talk
  5. A demonstration of each wood spirit carving step followed by carving time and QA – NOTE – This will occupy the most of the class time
  6. Finishing the walking stick
  7. Recap of carve and conversation of wood spirit carving resources

NOTE - The instructor will provide a walking stick for $10, to be picked up near North Portland, or you can provide your own.  Mailing options are possible if reimbursed.

INSTRUCTOR - Terry Burnside

For questions, contact Terry Burnside at 850-629-7144 or email at


Address: Oregon Carvers Guild, 3110 NW Linmere Dr, Portland, Oregon 97229
Email: oregoncarvers@gmail.com

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