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    • 13 Sep 2022
    • 4 Oct 2022
    • 4 sessions
    • Zoom or instructor's shop near Beaverton
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    This is a class for beginners to learn and practice carving small (4"), shallow bowls and experience a variety of soft and hard woods (Basswood, Alaska Yellow Cedar, Alder, Walnut).  Insides will be round, oval, square, heart shaped - shallow or deep.  Outsides can be round, square, rectangular, or shaped.  Holding the work safely provides many lessons.

    Tools and Wood must be picked up at the instructor's house north of Beaverton.

    TOOLS  - Loaner tools are provided by the instructor, but few are needed.  Hardwoods will require a mallet (available for loan), and mallet-ready (long handled) tools.  Forming the outside will require you to use a coping saw, bandsaw or scroll saw - yours, the instructors, or a friends.  The tools required are:

    Steep gouge, medium width, a #9, #10 or #11 in the 12-16 mm range

    Flat gouge, medium width, a #3 or #4 in the 10-16 mm range

    Spoon or short bent #5 or #6 in the 8- 12 mm range or a hook knife

    Common carving knife, roughout or sturdy detail, about 1 1/2" blade

    Mallet in the 12-20 oz range (or a river rock!)

    Carbon paper

    Sharpened and ready to go!

    COVID - The class is planned to be hybrid, meaning simultaneously online with Zoom or in-person  

    COST - Depends on how you register

    $50 for tuition, loaner tools and wood

    $40 for tuition and loaner tools

    $40 for tuition and wood

    $30 for tuition only

    WOOD - Instructor provided, but you can provide your own.


    Two sturdy F or C clamps (Harbor Freight will do)

    Bench hook (carving hook),  see newsletters on this site, Sept 2021 page 6 or Dec 2020 pages 6-8

    Carving glove and thumb guard (or vet wrap)

    Strop and honing compound 

    Sturdy work surface that will hold the clamps

    Coping saw or access to a bandsaw

    (Optional) A good gooseneck task light

    FINISHES - Student provided.  Most likely a food-safe wax and mineral oil product.

    WORKSHOP LEADER - Larry Wade, 503-312-7745,

    • 30 Sep 2022
    • 10:00 AM
    • Zoom
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    This is an interest list only, not yet a class 

    Terry Burnside has created many wood spirits over the 25 years he has been carving.


    This class will eventually be delivered in three sessions. 

    Most of two sessions will focus on carving a wood spirit.  The first session will start with a talk on harvesting and preparing a walking stick and the last part of the final session will explore finishing topics. The same techniques of face carving can be applied to a variety of objects.  

    This class is designed for those not familiar with carving a wood spirit or face carving in general. Terry developed his techniques over 25 years, incorporating the ideas of several well known carving professionals.  The course is hands on, and the material will be greenwood walking sticks or dowels (see note below). Students need a carving glove, strop and three carving tools - a carving knife, V tool and a deepish gouge gouges (like #11, #9 or #8) in 1/4 or 3/16 widths), palm or long handled. If you need tools, glove or strop we might be able to find loaners, contact us.  The class outline is:

    1. Introduction to carving and history of wood spirit carving
    2. Finding, harvesting and preparing a walking stick
    3. Proportions and position of facial features
    4. Sharpening demonstration and safety talk
    5. A demonstration of each wood spirit carving step followed by carving time and QA – NOTE – This will occupy the most of the class time
    6. Finishing the walking stick
    7. Recap of carve and conversation of wood spirit carving resources

    NOTE - The instructor will provide a walking stick for $10, to be picked up near North Portland, or you can provide your own.  Mailing options are possible if reimbursed.

    INSTRUCTOR - Terry Burnside

    For questions, contact Terry Burnside at 850-629-7144 or email at

    • 30 Sep 2022
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom
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    INTEREST LIST - will be a class a bit later

    We want to schedule another beginner's spoon carving class now that we've successfully completed the pilot class.  Register to express your interest.


    This is a class for beginners to learn the basics of carving spoons.  Everyone will carve a simple shape first, then have options for exploring variations.  The outline is:

    - Class goals
    - Safety
    - Grain Observations
    - Tools
    - Tool Maintenance
    - Carving Techniques
    - Prepare the spoon blank with your pencil
    - Get Carving
    - Scrapers
    - Finishes

    TOOLS  - Loaner tools are provided, but few are needed and students will be encouraged to invest in their own, before or after the class.  

    COVID - The class is online until the pandemic cases dramatically subside.  

    TUITION - Pilot class tuition is $15 and is lower than subsequent classes.  

    WOOD - Instructor provided, a $5 material fee.  Basswood or Alaska Yellow Cedar will be used.  These need to be picked up a little north of Beaverton, but they can be mailed if postage is reimbursed.

    INSTRUCTOR - Al Plasch - Al is a club member in Ventura, CA.  He is past president of their local club and has taught beginners in a variety of settings for years.  Teaching and learning over Zoom is a new experience for many, so be prepared for many successes and a few frustrations. 

    For questions, contact Larry Wade, 503-312-7745,

    • 11 Oct 2022
    • 7:00 PM
    • 71

    Carving Safety

    This program will focus on the many ways to stay safe when carving with hand or power tools.

    Mostly we think of bleeding, but other dangers lurk as we seek to protect:
    - SIGHT (glasses, magnifiers) 
    - LUNGS (dust, fumes)
    - EARS (noise, deafness)
    - SKIN (cuts, abrasions)
    - JOINTS and BONES (arthritis, crushing)

    We have a relatively safe hobby or profession, but there are lots of examples of little and big ways to get hurt.  Besides the day-to-day little normal things that can happen, we want to be mindful of protecting our health for decades and not have our body parts wear out prematurely. 

    This will partly be a discussion of using power carving tools to reduce wear and tear.  In a few months we'll focus on work holding issues, which are partly a safety issue as well.

    Please register to get the Zoom link and so we can notify you of any changes.  

    Larry Wade, President
    Oregon Carvers Guild

    • 12 Oct 2022
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Online or In-person at Larry Wade's shop
    • 10


    Sharpening is intimidating for new carvers.  This class gives you an essential foundation for stropping correctly.  Sharpening is a career-long journey; this is your chance to start.  Future classes will cover more advanced sharpening techniques and problem solving.

    HANDOUT  - A handout is downloadable by clicking here, and a 30 minute supporting video is viewable by clicking here.  Please review them prior to the class.  They are the basis for what will be discussed and practiced.

    COVID - This a hybrid option to attend online or in-person.  Please select your preference when registering.  

    COST - $30 for tuition.  Leather for making your own strops are usually available at the class for $10 and green honing compound for $5.

    WORKSHOP LEADER - Roger Crooks or Larry Wade

    TOOLS - Students should bring their own tools (knife, gouge or some type and a V tool, strop and honing compound if they have them.  However, practice tools and loaner strops are available.

    • 15 Oct 2022
    • 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom
    • 5

    Introduction to Carving (Incised)

    Registration deadline is one week before

    One 2  1/2 hour session



    The incised carving style typically creates line drawings etched into the surface of wood (or linoleum, gourds, soap, etc.) and can be done safely with one tool.

    This workshop is for those who have never carved but want to try.  It is hands-on but can be attended over Zoom.  You will be provided with free Basswood, a loaner V-tool and several patterns to choose from.  During the class you will carve the Dogs Welcome Sign and be encouraged to plan a second project afterwards.

    DATES/TIMES - One Saturday, 2 1/2 hours, date as noted

    COST - free tuition, free wood, free loaner V tool

    The main challenges are getting you the wood and tools.  If necessary you will have to pay for postage.

    WORKSHOP LEADER is Larry Wade, (503-312-7745,   

    Online and in-person (hybrid).

    We will hold this workshop simultaneously online and in person near Beaverton.  However, attendees from a distance are welcome to attend by Zoom.

    ZOOM - students must be comfortable using Zoom - participant Information and recommendations are HERE

    WOOD - Basswood will be provided, the most commonly used carving wood.  

    REQUIRED BOOK - none

    • 20 Oct 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Guild Shop, 7634 SW 34th Ave, Portland, OR 97219
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    Carving SIG - Evenings

    The evening SIG is only open to Guild of Oregon Woodworker members because of their safety policy.  Click here to register on their site.

    However, the daytime Carving SIG meetings are open to anyone and meet on the fourth Thursdays from 1:00- 3:00 at Woodcraft in Tigard.  Registration is required, so look for that link elsewhere.


    These monthly carving meetings are a combination of demo, presentation, and hands-on workshop, open to beginners and experienced alike.  Topics will vary over time, but since there is such a strong interest in sharpening this will be the focus for the first few months.

    COORDINATOR Larry Wade, (503-312-7745,,

    • 27 Oct 2022
    • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Woodcraft Store classroom, 12020 SW Main St, Tigard, OR
    • 8